What is OZRUCK?

OZ = Australia

RUCK = Moving with weight on your back.

Backpack on. Go! OZRUCK celebrates Australian Adventure Fitness under load. Being physically active and mentally engaged outdoors. Performing group and solo challenges in a variety of environments, across a variety of distances.
The benefits of rucking are increased overall strength and improved cardio without the injuries associated with running or jogging. Combine that with the social, mental and physical benefits of being active outdoors and you’re onto a winner!
OZRUCK has evolved from OCRB, and makes the definition between a group focused on obstacle course race and endurance conditioning and one that has embraced adventure fitness and the rucking experience as an engaging alternative to traditional fitness options.
Rucking combines "Active Resistance" strength and cardio. Walking is the most basic form of human movement. Add a weighted ruck and a little ruck focused OCRB style PT along the way and the game changes. 
Rucking is an empowering activity. Adaptable to your goals. Your fitness level. It's as challenging as you need it to be. Rucking is for you if you're looking for a way to shake up your day to day or tired of plasma screens and exercise machines.

The OZRUCK Experience  

An OZRUCK event is your chance to not just gingerly step , but triumphantly stride out of the comfort zone and into a rewarding group challenge. A shared experience where leadership, endurance, determination and teamwork are key. When you're done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you may never come close to experiencing again... until your next OZRUCK event!

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