Prepare. Endure. Succeed. 

Shake up the way you work out and prepare for your next challenge with OCRB's fun, functional and innovative approach to
OCR Conditioning & Obstacle  Confidence. 



RUCK•ING [VERB] Moving while carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose. Why walk when you can GORUCK?


Build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of climbing with OCRB's focus on technique and developing core,  upper body and grip strength. 


Where the burpees at? The Spear Throw obstacle! Get your head around and your body behind this simple but unforgiving physical challenge.  


To get better at it you've got to do it. Sure you can roll, but... With OCRB you'll develop endurance and technique. You, a crawling rock star? Yeah baby! 



 OCR Bootcamp's One on One sessions are all about giving you a great workout, building your Obstacle Confidence, strength and ability. OCRB will prepare you for your next challenge on or off the course. The OCRB approach is fun, functional, innovative and driven by you.

  • One on One
  • Great workout
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Ability
  • Driven by you


The focus of OCRB is OCR Conditioning, “Funishment” and Adventure Fitness - Challenges and workoutsthat go beyond traditional fitness options. Mental and physical challenges that stimulate, invigorate and offer a satisfying sense of achievement. Prepare. Endure. Succeed.


What  OCRB CORPORATE delivers is a shared experience with  challenges that go beyond traditional team building options. Mental and physical challenges that stimulate, invigorate and offer a satisfying sense of  accomplishment and achievement.  The focus? Stepping up. Stepping back. Getting through the hard times. Getting it done together. Get in touch and explore life outside the comfort zone.


Need to get yourself race ready for Spartan? Life? Short answer? Yes you do! OCRB is a part of the Spartan Gyms Program and we celebrate being an active part of the Spartan community. 

OCRB RAW focusses on obstacle confidence and OCR conditioning. Climb. Crawl. Pull. Run. Lift. Carry. Repeat. But it's not just about OCRB telling you where it's at. Is there a specific obstacle or challenge you'd like to work on? Let's do it! 

OCRB RAW blends HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with found objects,  sandbags, bodyweight exercises, functional primal movements and team based challenges.  


Rucking is simply moving with a weighted ruck aka backpack integrated with some ruck focused OCRB GORUCK PT along the way. If you look a little deeper, you start to appreciate that rucking is an empowering activity that builds a stronger you. It's a shared experience where leadership, endurance, determination and teamwork are key.


Kids just love doing... Stuff! Rolling around. Running around. Crawling around. Being challenged. Dirt. Grass. Sky. Stuff. It doesn't get much better or complicated than that. An OCRB KIDS PARTY is a one hour celebration with a focus on physical fun. Screens off. Bubble Wrap off. It's time for OCRB KIDS. It's time for... Stuff!


The feedback

The feedback from people just like you, is that completing an OCRB session is immensely satisfying and improving in ability in such a short time is deeply rewarding and is a real confidence builder.  An OCRB session can also be the wake up your call you need to pump up your jam.


Seasoned athlete? Taking those first shaky steps away from the couch? Somewhere in between? Great. An OCRB session is all about you, who you want to be and how far you want to go, regardless of your level of fitness. So get in touch, train OCRB and Prepare Endure Succeed.



OCR Bootcamp is an Adventure Fitness, OCR Conditioning and Obstacle Confidence focused group driven by OCR enthusiasts for OCR enthusiasts. Don't just follow, explore. Share your adventures and celebrate what you do day to day to build a better you. 


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